Pot Plants

Containers, pots and hanging baskets, what isn't to love. Lets warm up our green thumbs with these beauties.


Watering Cans

Fact: Plants sweat just like us, and just like us they need the occasional good drink. i say we get watering in style.


Plant Stands

We don't leave our favourite things laying around, so pick up our plants and raise them up, with some help of course.


Swiss Cheese Plant; Monstera deliciosa is a native to the jungles of Southern Mexico and Guatemala, a very easy houseplant that needs space to grow giving your home that instant jungle feels. Possessing all the qualities that are required of a good houseplant this house plant is making a comeback.



Add greenery everywhere with a contemporary planter to suit your evolving decor. Our hanging planter baskets and planter stands allow you to go wild with an abundance of plant life. Hang them from your balcony, dress your bathroom, bring life to your entry. Green the great indoors!

Calling all green and brown thumbs learn about the benefits of growing plants and find our how you can green your great indoors and make the most of your balcony, patio and courtyards. 

Any Questions, Just Ask! Beyond Sunflowers is a plant emporium, and aims to be the catalyst to changing, improving your home visually and its environment by adding some greenery. .