Garden Motivation

Garden Motivation Garden Maintenance

Do you have a small urban garden?

Do you want to transform it into a exciting, contempoary space?

As a city dweller I know all to well the premium paid for a property with a garden, so I can access to my very own 'garden' or 'retreat'. And if your like me your have every intention in making sure it always looks great, lush and neat so you can enjoy the space.

Unfortunately those great intensions soon become disillusioned with the notion of it being "to hard", "it's to much work" and "i don't have time", and just like that your space is neglected.

I see it all the time, balconies and both front and back yards that have been forgotten with the sighn of every intention to start with a few grouped plants still sitting in their nursery plastic container, left to one side. What a waste of space and money and those poor plants.....left just about abandoned.

Garden Motivation Garden Maintenance

Any outdoor space is an urban environment, an invaluable place to create an outdoor extension to your home, and creating a lovely garden (edible or not) does not need or required a horticulturalist or a landscape designer, just the occasional plant inspection, monthly feed and depending on your climate the weekly water which can be done with your morning latte in hand.

And you never know you might just have a natural green thumb or it can lease to a new passionate interest that can become so much more and even change the way you eat with home grown edibles at your door step.