Calendula officinalis                                      Family - Onagraceae

Fuchsias  were  at  their  peak  of  popularity  in  the  Victorian  times  when  the  head  gardeners  of  large  houses  grew  pillars,  standards  and  pyramids  to line  the  driveways.

Originates from the mountain forests of South America, with they're bowing, dancing flowers, fuchsias have established a reputation as indispensable classics within summer gardens.

Upright Fuchsias are naturally upright in growth habit. If you have a shady location that could use a pop of color, growing fuchsias in hanging baskets or pots will give you a beautiful display.

Flowering Season -Late Spring until Autumn in colours of red, pink, white, blue lavender, and many bicolors

Care - Keep plants well watered, especially if growing in sun or in containers. Fuchsias roots don’t like to dry out. The more sun they get, the more water they will need.


Problems - Most pests and diseases can be avoided by planting in clean pots and providing good ventilation. Do not overwater. Fuchsias are susceptible to attacks from aphidswhitefliesspider mites and thrips.