Gardening is all about learning, understanding and listening to mother nature. Plants just like us are breath and living, so they have basic requirements such as water and sun, but they also have there dislikes. The key to keeping and growing thriving plants is in practice and at Beyond Sunflowers we are going to fast track you so your thumb turns Green. 

Basics to creating your basic terrarium

Terrariums are a collection of small plants grown in a sealed transparent container creating a mini ecosystem. They are a great way to add life to your space if you lack the free time or the “green thumb” to care for a bounty of houseplants.

They are known as the ultimate, low-maintenance indoor garden and can make it possible to grow things in places that aren't exactly conducive to growth, and can pretty much be self-sufficient aside from the occasional misting or watering.

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Beginners guide to starting an indoor garden

If gardening is a favourite way to recharge your creativity don’t let a small space cramp your style and, if your new at this (often referred to as a brown thumb) and don’t know where to start, don’t be disheartened because the best way of learning is sometimes with trial and error.

This ebook goes thought the basic comments of houseplant gardening so you can start your urban jungle.

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Beginners Guide to Starting An Indoor Garden